Fair news, oui or non?

“There is too much spite. Spite of traditional journalist for citizen reporters, spite of citizens at large for journalists, spite of politicians for journalists, spite of journalists for sponsors, etc. The things at stake are huge, information is basically one way to fight the Tyran, just like in Greek democracy, because the Tyrans, whether they are political or economical, are still there, and busy. As someone who sits across the border between citizen and traditional media, I get double spite or diffidence…”

So says Claire Ulrich, reporter and writer. Listen in for a three-way discussion with OhMyNews contributor Claire Ulrich and international videoblogger, Thierry Bezier

This show was broadcast live at the following time. You can now download it directly from blog radio .

A discussion about politics and journalism:

Date: Sunday, May 27th, 2007
Time: 10:00 – 10:30 am PST
Dial-in #: +1 (646) 478-4956

Call the dial-in number above at that time to join the conversation and visit me here at lisacast.com after the show for a chat. Email me directly with show requests, guest suggestions or any comments.

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