Dr. Noam Lemelschtrich-Latar on Lisacast

It seems to me that many of our problems rest in a lack of common understanding — from all of human life each of us individually.

There is angst and frustration before we learn to walk. When we learn to walk, ah, it’s a cake walk. But when we feel frustrated or intimidated, our logical integrities are lowered. Therefore, no common understanding can easily come about.

A reader comment on the CNN.com makes this point on all levels, including by way of his own words:

> They are actually shilling for the enemy and the democRat party, which, by the way, are one and the same.

Well there’s an intelligent comment. I’m not sure how we’re to expect constructive political debate in this country when we have people who will call AMERICANS they disagree with “the enemy.”

Posted By Brad, Columbia, SC : July 14, 2007 5:51 pm

The political debate is what will yield common understanding. The article Brad posted to in the first place was a story out of Washington DC about how those involved in the war in Iraq (lawmakers, soldiers) were hot and tired and wanted to take the month of August off. We’re all yelling at each other about whether or not that’s ok. I wonder if my ancestors, village peasants of the 14th century, huddled on Sunday mornings with their caramel lattes and fought each other while the enemy, be it neighbor, religious group or plague destroyed them, unprepared.

I’m excited to tell you that my guest on Lisacast this week is Dr. Noam Lemelschtrich-Latar. He is a former professor of communications at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University and the current dean at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications.

Dr. Lemelshtrich-Latar presented a paper at the International Media Congress in 2002 on “Creating Social D.N.A.” which looked at long-term political and social implications of collecting data and using the new media to build a individual personal profiles.

You can listen to the stream live from your browser at blogtalkradio.com/lisapadilla, call-in to listen or ask a question at (646) 478-4956 during the show, which airs at 10 am PST, each Sunday. If you’ve got a headset attached to your computer, you can also call in using a Click-to-Talk button, visible on the show page while it airs.

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