Upcoming guests on Lisacast

July 29th, 2007: Evern Williams, Media Center Manager for ‘Óleolo Community Television in Honolulu, HI about the application of new media in the local community

August 5th, 2007: Roberto Spietzio, Italian citizen journalist and OhMyNews contributor on the spread of wireless technologies and media control

August 12th, 2007: Jack Androvich, Sr. Director of Marketing Intelligence and Operations for Worldwide Marketing at Autodesk

August 8th, 2007: Ian Browde, Nokia on the device company’s future and user-generated media

August 19th, 2007: Ning CEO, Gina Bianchini on user controlled networks and what to do with an extra C-series funding of $44 m

August 26th, 2007: Bill Turpin, ex-Netscaper and current CEO of Metaverse.net, multi-player gaming and developer networks

Know someone in new media who might be a good guest on Lisacast? Please email me with your suggestions.

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