A conversation about conversational marketing

Well, I’m not the first one one to use that line, am I? No. That’s because people are conversing about the conversation all the time these days. It’s the meme of the moment. Memes are a great example of conversational marketing. It’s marketing outside of the marketing department. And everyone’s doing it.

– SAP uses external blogs as a way to understand what the buzz is about their products and services, good and bad, as a way to determine features they will build in and counteract negative press.

– Local, national and worldwide governments use surveillance tools to track phone discussions in order to weed out criminals.

– Club Penguin uses room moderators to protect young minds from information they aren’t ready for by monitoring conversations in their social network (y’all know I have a good Club Penguin story about my 11-year old.)

There are many other examples, and we’re going to talk – you and me on Lisacast – tomorrow morning at 10 am PT with John Battelle, founder and chairman of Federated Media.

At 41, Battelle is an entrepreneur, journalist, professor and author who has founded or co-founded several businesses, magazines and web sites. Formerly at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, he is also a founder and executive producer of the Web 2.0 conference and “band manager” with BoingBoing.net.

Listen to the show here.

Battelle has recently been named an “Innovator,” one of ten best marketers in the business, by Advertising Age and one of the “Most Important People on The Web” by PCWorld.

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