’s CEO to talk about unwanted junk mail

We’re talking about the old school junk mail, the large atom-based material (wait, I guess it all is) that comes to your door step, not the electronic kind. That’s another show entirely.

ProQuo is a company claiming to reduce paper mail you don’t want by anywhere from 50-90%. The service is free and solves two problems specifically.

1) Identity theft. I saw statistics on this week which said that in 2006, 20 million people had reported identity theft and the number rose to 120 million in 2007. Paper mail is one way criminals get ahold of your information.

2) It’s green! I find myself throwing away paper junk mail every day. Somedays, it’s all the mail I receive. ProQuo told me that 100 million trees are used to send junk mail in the US each year.

Join me for a live conversation with Steve Gal, ProQuo’s CEO on Wednesday, April 2nd at 9:30 am PST (Or download it later)

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