Thank you to my listeners

Host of Lisacast
Lisa Padilla

What’s special about that number? It made me smile. It’s how many Lisacast listeners there are as of today. Wow! Thank you listeners and thank you guests. If you’d like to hear more of a certain topic, have a guest suggestion or want to connect with me, please email I’ve loved the discussions we’ve had, your emails, your support and your ideas. Lisacast is looking forward to a great 2009!

2 Replies to “Thank you to my listeners”

  1. As usual I was both stimulated and stimulated after reading reading two articles in your website. The first article, about “duplicity” and “plural-fiestiveness” (only in real time) at the very least is more of an altruistic metaphor…….[weeva-alla been waitin-fo’ ]-
    ch. weva-alla been waitin-fo’
    weva-alla been waitn-fo’
    …it just begs to ask the same question expecting a different answer: so why is a nickle so much larger than a dime?

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