DrupalCon and eComm

Lisacast is covering two exciting conferences upcoming — DrupalCon and eComm

DrupalCon is the official Drupal unconference that attracts the most talented open source developers and innovative web shops in the world and brings them together to share knowledge, make decisions on the future of Drupal, and get to know each other in person.

It’s also the premiere opportunity for Drupal users to learn what they can do with Drupal, find partners for future projects, and meet the people behind the code.

The conference is designed for both developers and Drupal users. The first three days of the conference will be about learning, while the last day will be about doing – that’s when everyone works together to push code and documentation forward.

DrupalCon is a volunteer run, nonprofit conference. Here’s an interview with Lullabot’s Jeff Robbins.

Last year’s Emerging Communications conference (eComm) broke new ground and created a revitalized forum attracting 300 people and 80 speakers from 15 countries. The upcoming eComm promises to build upon that foundation to create the only forum dedicated to defining and profiting from the post-telecom era.

Topics (so far) will include:

* Voice and Video Evolution
* Open Spectrum
* Communications Enabling Business Processes, Especially B2C
* New Forms of Contactability and Connectability
* Mobile Social Networking (MoSoSo)
* Open Handsets & the Open Ecosystem
* Social Computing and the Social Web
* Convergence of Media with Personal Communications
* Open Communication Platforms
* Leveraging Cloud Computing
* Towards 4G Wireless
* Emerging Markets

Hear an interview with the conference organizer, Lee Dryburgh.

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