Micoy furthers 3D

Techchrunch50, 2008

From The Des Moines (Iowa) Register


Ames firm immerses itself in 3-D technology

Micoy develops a camera that takes viewers from ‘watching to experiencing’ as videos will surround them.

April 22, 2005

Ames, Ia. – Everyone knows what it’s like to watch an image on-screen. Joe Stevens can make people feel as if they’re in the middle of it.

Stevens’ company, Micoy , brings new meaning to 3-D video. A Micoy camera can capture multiple angles in everything from sports to museum exhibits, yielding a field of vision up to 360 degrees.

“It’s just like being there,” Stevens said. “The difference is (going) from watching to experiencing.”

The 3-D images come from a patented sphere-shaped camera comprising 84 lenses. Stevens calls the technology “true immersive video.” It’s the visual equivalent of surround sound, Stevens said.

On Lisacast today is Don Pierce from Micoy! Listen in and log in to chat live with me.

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