Danny Glover, AirCongress (Podcast and Interview Transcript)

They also do, any of the major speeches he does, even minor speeches whenever he hosts somewhere at the White House they will usually put up little excerpts from that. They also have video on the White House website and they have been doing it for a quite a while so you have some one like the president who is the top of the country and then you have work off way down and you have people anyone who wants to come on BlogTalkRadio or other formats where they can themselves become the media. So it’s really a fascinating world that we are living in right now where everyone from your average gelled with the president can deal on the internet and get people to listen to it.

Lisa Padilla: Alright and of course there is more balance as well as more inaccuracy especially in the beginning as stories and news comes out. Do you see some organizations and may be see AirCongress is helping with this that you tell me. But do you see organizations doing enough or do you feel like they have been innovative at trying to address these negative aspects of participatory media?

Danny Glover: I am not exactly sure what you are getting out with that question actually.

Lisa Padilla: Well let me try to rephrase. So one of the challenges of all the bloggers and all of their followers including you know new media and more you know creative ways of telling stories and that kind of thing. As more and more of that comes there is also a greater risk for inaccurate materials and inadvertent direction of readers if people talking an information. Now do you think AirCongress and other companies are that are other organizations that are collecting news online doing a good job at trying to help people be better reporter?

Danny Glover: Well I am not really so much in your congress trying to help people be better reporters. But I am trying to serve a consumer function in the sense that voters are consumers. They are consumers of the news so what I am trying to do at AirCongress is make sure people have both sides of the story. I can’t control how the White House does its podcast. The president is going to spin the way he wants to spin and that’s the way it should be. It’s politics that’s what his job is. Democrats are going to do the same thing with their weekly radio address. What I want to do at AirCongress is to make sure that people can come to a place and hear both of those things and try to filter them out and decide who has got the story right. I am trying not to serve, in most cases I am not trying to say not trying to analyze. The one area where I would take that exception is what’s the role of video and whether or not it’s useful in campaigns for instance there is a post-up on AirCongress’ home page now about CNN watching the recent YouTube debate. Well obviously I am bringing some analysis of my own to that. I have been pretty strongly against the way the CNN has handled those debates. But that’s me is someone who is been involved in the technology world trying to see here is someone who is not using technology fairly effectively. I am not taking a stand on a policy here or there, it’s more media criticism and in this case new media criticism and anything else. But I do think there is a role for site like AirCongress where you can get these audio and video excerpts from across the internet, pull them all into one place and let people see them, hear them and decide for themselves it’s correct, it’s really the same journalistic function that newspapers have played for decades, centuries and that’s, well not centuries I guess, but more recently in the 21st Century you have had this idea of objective journalism. And some people like in the bloggers probably would take exception and they would say you know you are just narrating what people are saying. Well yeah I guess in a way I am but that’s not necessarily a bad thing to do as long as you are getting all sides of the debate covered.

Lisa Padilla: Right. Danny let’s take a call. We have a question from the 312 area code. Hi, you are on Lisacast, you have a question?

Jerry Robinson: Yeah hi how are you doing my name is Jerry Robinson and I am President of the Poor People’s Campaign in Chicago, Illinois and I have an issue about this. The Democrats and Republicans seem like to me they always plan the game. They are not going to get this legislation bullied on. Then they turn around and say oh no we are not going to do this and the Republicans say oh yeah we are going to do it, Democrats says no. But then it seems like to me at the end of the day or whatever they just sell us out so which party should we value, I can’t trust any party. So what about that? Are you trying to get somebody to go down and lobby it, to lobby to get new legislation going where we are going to really-really help the people?

Danny Glover: Am I am trying to? No, I am not trying to get anything like that myself. What I am trying to do is make sure people who are trying to understand legislation can have a form where they can get information from the people who are involved in the debate whether that’s a president whether that’s lobbyist whether that’s individuals who happen to be on the internet and want to make sure their message gets heard. And the great thing about the internet is that anybody can get on the internet and share their ideas.

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