Danny Glover, AirCongress (Podcast and Interview Transcript)

Jerry Robinson: Right. Now that would be a good thing if you can get that off the ground and have it post where you can post everyday about who the lobbyist is, what they are lobbying for, what bill are they trying to put on the table and all of that there. And really we need to know who is voting on what because my god, if you go in certain ghettos it seems like the people that represented the ghettos is we are not being representing at all, because we still, like we do it on bomb documentaries. So anyway we know it’s really getting sick then and then here we are in 2007 going to 2008 instead of that, we got about nine Republicans and what nine Democrats or something like that running for presidency.

Danny Glover: Quite a few this year.

Jerry Robinson: What?

Danny Glover: There are quite a few of them this time around.

Jerry Robinson: Isn’t it? They think if this is a game or something. They are really getting into the office and they are really playing with people’s lives. They think it’s a game. This is not a game. All this year programs and legislations and bills they pay us, this really affects all of us.

Lisa Padilla: I would say, thank you caller for your question and your comments. It is difficult to navigate through the choices and where each candidate stands on, on any particular issue whether affiliations are, I think that that’s a good point. If you would like to call into the show and ask Danny a question from AirCongress today, you can do so at (646) 478-4956 and –.

Danny Glover: One thing that’s changed this year is that people, because the candidates are producing their own videos and putting them on YouTube but it is much easier to find out what they think about a particular issue. You are able to see them interacting with voters. And you might think that’s a bad thing because obviously when a candidate creates his own YouTube page he is going to create it in a way that shows only the positive moments of his Town Hall Meetings, but you also have people at these events with their own video cameras and they are taping the encounters that aren’t necessarily as flattering for the candidates. They also put those on YouTube and those are the ones that tend to get more interest and more activities. So people are getting to see the candidates in a different way than they ever have before and they can see it in middle snippets on YouTube. Someone might not be inclined to watch a one-hour program or a Town Hall Meeting on C-SPAN with Mitt Romney but they might watch a two-minute clip about Mitt Romney on YouTue and they might actually gain some knowledge about where he stands on certain issues.

Lisa Padilla: Right and I think that the creative way that we have some greater elasticity in our style in the liberty if you talk about whatever we want to you know taps into, it taps deeper into the communities across our nation anyways. Would you agree with that?

Danny Glover: Yeah I think so.

Lisa Padilla: Right, a little snap-sized opinion you know it can be coded with this.

Danny Glover: And it’s easier to digest that way. Some people would argue well that’s not the way you want to have it, even the candidates have complained about the debates for instance. How can you really answer a question when there are 6 to 8 candidates on the stage and you only have 30 seconds? On the other hand a lot of people don’t want to listen to a candidate Rambo for five minutes so you need to find a balance somewhere in between where the candidates are able to say what they need to say to get their message across but voters don’t lose interest because they go on and on and on.

Lisa Padilla: Right and on BlogTalkRadio we have had several candidates and running and incumbent who also I think are very open about a two-way conversation between themselves and the people, and the ability to call us and ask something very specific on live radio is I think very empowering also.

Danny Glover: Have candidates been doing it?

Lisa Padilla: Right, well they have been doing it in various, yes they have been doing it in various levels of openness and real-time, right the contest where, so the pools of questions, video questions that you could send in that candidates would response to or debates happening.

Danny Glover: Oh yeah the MySpace, they have the MySpace debate this week there was another one with John McCain and then you have the YouTube debate so yeah so there has been a lot more forums where you are using technology. Have any candidates actually been on BlogTalkRadio though and started their own shows where they entertain questions from people for an entire hour or anything like that?

Lisa Padilla: Well I am just looking at our best as BTR BlogTalkRadio page which you can get to off of the home page. And some of the people that have been on shows are John McCain, John Kerry, Fred Thompson, Bill Richardson, John Bolton, Wesley Clark, my talk would to be to see forth Rudy Giuliani, I mean I think that I think that for those more savvy candidates that you know they see the opportunity in social marketing. And you know see it as not that they don’t have so many to stand of course but they see it as an innovative way to gather support.

Danny Glover: Yeah and they are agreeing to get on shows of people who have little or no professional “credibility” and that’s what I find fascinating you know I have spent last 16 years in Washington trying to get to the point where people will actually return my phone calls but people who just started blogging on the internet a year ago or so now are all of a sudden getting their phone calls returned by top-level politicians and they are going on the radio with them on internet radio.

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