Danny Glover, AirCongress (Podcast and Interview Transcript)

They are doing podcast with them all these kinds of things. They are doing chats on their blogs, they are answering questions on blogs. It’s really fascinating to see the way this medium has been used in so many different ways over the last few years.

Lisa Padilla: Right and also you know the Microblogging you know Obama, Bill Clinton you know doing Twitter and other ways that candidates are trying to gauge public interest and support for the things that they are going after themselves you know I think it’s a very exciting time. Another thing that I wanted to speak with you about Danny is the idea of public debates. Now, you know it’s one thing to send out a Twitter about you know what the next city is on your campaign but to actually engage with people may have a different opinion is much more risky, although I think of that is going to happen more and more and that it will soon be very public, you know I wouldn’t be surprised if we started to see Reality TV Shows that messed up a political candidate with like an everyday guy you know or a girl who –.

Danny Glover: That would be a political candidates who really needs to jump up in the polls he would have to do that. I think you would have a hard time getting one of the ones who is actually doing well getting on this show like that, because that would be really risky and they are not, they don’t tend to take that big of a risk in the political world.

Lisa Padilla: Well there is one Reality TV Show I would like to see that you know Hillary, Obama you know, Al Franken in a house you know elimination. Speaking of Al Franken, what do you think his chances are in his race?

Danny Glover: You know I don’t actually follow the day-to-day political step too much because I am so focused on technology policy issues and things like that. So yeah I couldn’t really offer an expert analysis one way or the other. The only thing I would say is that he doesn’t have the advantage of incumbency so it’s always going to be tough in that sense. On the other hand Minnesota does have democratic leaning so his chances improve because of that.

Lisa Padilla: And if you want to talk a little bit about where you see the next few months or the 2008 coming up at AirCongress and what the initiatives are that you would like to see really move ahead and how you think individuals can participate or support or spread the word about that?

Danny Glover: One thing I would like to do at AirCongress is just to try to get more people involved in it right now which is just me, a one-man show and I always saw it as an opportunity to get other bloggers involved, may be get them adding information which is one reason I reached out to BlogTalkRadio and then you know I had met Ed Morrissey in Washington a couple of times, he and I were on a panel discussion about blog a couple years ago but when he started working on BlogTalkRadio I followed him so I saw it and I mean it that well this is great, I love what they are doing, they are interviewing politicians, need to have some kind of deal where these people are feeding me information about their show, so I know when they are going on the air. And so you guys are a great forum for that but I know there are bloggers out there and other people who are producing this kind of content that may not necessarily use BlogTalkRadio and I would like to find out who they are and make connections with them and try to get them involved as well, that’s one thing. And then I would like to, you know I see AirCongress as a way may be to work with journalism students across the country or even citizen journalists who are interested in trying to do audio and video and help them. I am trying to connect in a way where I can cover the entire country so one thing you will see when you look on the home page is that you can track content on AirCongress by law maker, you can track it by state if you live in a certain state and only want content from there, you can do that or if you are only interested in certain issue you can do that but you really beef up that kind of content. There needs to be more people involved from each state really, you are producing information and I would like to be able to work with more people, who are not necessarily journalist and may we help them learn how to conduct interviews with politicians, things like that. So those are long-term plans for AirCongress.

Lisa Padilla: Right step-by-step sort of things to look out for and that type of thing. I noticed I am looking at http://www.aircongress.com right now. See I love the way that the direction that it is going with its senators and representatives who are doing the same thing. I am sure it will not too be long to be very common practice and I think it’s interesting to watch it as a community of participants and technology and that being part of your day everyday to you know watch us try to build this new process and policy. I guess there is an okay word too, for you know quality reporting and quality facilitating of conversations about politics that are constructive and accurate and can help us to evolve that process.

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