Danny Glover, AirCongress (Podcast and Interview Transcript)

Danny Glover: And there are lots of interesting projects going right there. Here at National Journal we have some reporters embedded with campaigns that’s traveling around with them across the country and feeding information back for our various publications. But on the flipside there is an outfit called OffTheBus, where they are taking a different approach. It’s not embedding with the campaigns or getting on the bus and traveling with them. It is people who are off the bus throughout the country when a candidate shows up in your area then you go and cover their event and you cover it just like a journalist would. You don’t have to have any journalistic training but it would help if you have some so that’s what they have done. They have set up OffTheBus where you have professional journalist trying to serve his mentors, the people who want to engage politicians when they come to their area, it’s a fascinating idea and that works that’s being run by the Huffington Post and also by Jay Rosen at press, I think he is out of New York, he is a journalism professor.

Lisa Padilla: Great, big fan of what both of those guys are doing, one of them not being a guy, I guess. Would you say OffTheBus, right?

Danny Glover: OffTheBus, yeah I think it’s http://www.offthebus.net.

Lisa Padilla: Okay good, well I would sure appreciate you joining me today and talking a little bit about how blogging affects sex, politics and that how what you are trying to do out there and try to shape things. The last question that I had for you just out of curiosity was about media bloggers, can you tell listeners a little bit about media bloggers?

Danny Glover: The media bloggers association or, oh that I am a part of yeah. Well, really that’s just an outfit, we are trying to connect anyone who is involved in blogging and that would include journalists who are bloggers, that would include bloggers who just act independently and I love that idea because one thing I have always been frustrated with is that journalists and bloggers attack each other all the time. We are actually on the same mission, we are trying to inform people and associations like this enable people to work together and converge and try to find common ground and territory where you can work together. So, I think it’s a really good idea and more people should join, more bloggers should join, more journalists should join like to see it filled up with people who are members of Society of Professional Journalist, National Press Club whatever, search your blog and get over in the media bloggers association and start helping the next generation of journalist who may only be citizens but you can do the job just as well, if they have a proper training.

Lisa Padilla: Alright so the requirements aren’t many then?

Danny Glover: No, I don’t think so, although I haven’t looked at them lightly, sometimes only a few years ago. I know they have gone through a couple of iterations but I don’t think it’s a really big hurdle to get into it. We say you do have to have a sponsor if you are a blogger and you want to get in I think you have to have a current member sponsor your membership, but really all that entails is sending them an email, sending some blogger who is a member an email and saying, I want to join coursed in that bloggers, I am not going to check out your blog and make sure that it is above board and everything and that it’s the right kind of outfit. I mean it’s the internet we are talking about here. There are a lot of crazy people out there on the Internet and you don’t necessarily want to have all of those in an association.

Lisa Padilla: No, not all of them. Although, a couple of them were good you know a couple of crazy people kind of stirred that place because they make the rest of the community bond.

Danny Glover: And the difference between an outfit like media bloggers association and the standing committee of correspondence on Capitol Hill where you have to jump through all kinds of hurdles to get in and get credentials is that the media bloggers’ concept is get as many people in as possible, not keep as many people out as possible. So that’s really the mission here is to try to make it as broad as possible and get all these bloggers connected and working together and benefiting from each other’s knowledge.

Lisa Padilla: Well, thanks Danny I appreciate you joining me today and well I will get you a copy of the show and look forward to seeing on BlogTalkRadio again.

Danny Glover: Thanks for having me on the show, I enjoyed it.

Lisa Padilla: Great, have a great day.

Danny Glover: Bye.

Lisa Padilla: That was great. BlogTalkRadio I mentioned too was happy to launch the RevShare Program, shared advertising revenue programs for host this week. If you are a host you can opt in to that at no charge and start earning a piece of the revenue that is based on the advertising that runs on your profile and show pages. And soon we will also be including audio ads to the inventory for advertisers looking into target audiences with 15 and 30 second radio stop so if you are interested in advertising on the BlogTalkRadio network send an email to advertising@blocktalkradio.com for more information. You can check out Danny Glover’s http://www.aircongress.com site and read up on Lisacast later on for an archive of this show. I am going to take you out again with another Jon Hammond song called Late Rent which mine is not thankfully this month, take care have a great day.

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