Elad Yoran, KoolSpan (Podcast and Interview Transcript)

(Informal talk)

Elad Yoran: In the cell phone world, we really don’t have that same sense of security. And so, if you ask me an example, that’s one very readily available example. So with the TrustChip in my cell phone, talking to for example Lisa, your cell phone, our conversation would be protected. In the security sense, we would say it would be encrypted from my cell phone to your cell phone.

Lisa Padilla: And so, how does KoolSpan handle that authentication piece of it with regard to universal login or single sign on? Are you guys part of OpenID, can you talk a little bit about that?

Elad Yoran: Well, what we invented and really (Inaudible) to KoolSpan is something called a TrustChip. And a TrustChip to someone looking at it from the outside would look like a memory card that is common to many cell phones today, the same kind of memory card that you would put into your cell phone to store for example your files, your PowerPoint presentations or your spreadsheets or some music or your pictures. We took advantage of that same common interface, that same standard and used that as an opportunity to build a device called a TrustChip. So, if you look at it from the outside, it looks like a memory card. What’s really unique about is that there are four chips inside that tiny little device and those four chips are in essence a security engine that when plugged into a cell phone can turn that cell phone from being an open and vulnerable device to be an ultra secure communications platform for making cell phone calls, for doing all kinds of other data applications in a secure way. It’s really the TrustChip that does it.

Lisa Padilla: Right, and also, maybe talk about the type of certification or, what did I read on the web site, something about government certifications that the company has gone through.

Elad Yoran: So, the company has gone through government certifications in order to be able to sell a product into the government. There are certifications that have to be required in the company to achieve some of those and we have others that we still have left to go but we are very confident that we will be able to obtain all the certifications that we need. In terms of the kind of things we do, we use very standard and commonly accepted capability. So, when we encrypt things, we do things in the standard that is authorized by the United States Government and so forth. So these are very common industry accepted standards.

Lisa Padilla: And with all kinds of mobile applications becoming more sophisticated now, the connection that you have with the cell phone and authentication, (Inaudible) bring some interesting commercial applications, right?

Elad Yoran: So, right now, I am actually speaking to you on my cell phone and it’s not just, for the purpose who’s here doing interviews or for calling our friends, but everything we do in the business world today is done over cell phones. And I remember it wasn’t too long ago when we had in the business sense in one of the conversations of a sensitive nature, the common practice was to say hey, I am on a cell phone, let’s hang up, I will call you back from a landline. Today, we have in essence lost that habit because people are much busier, they are traveling more so we have conversations from hotels and taxis and airports and variety of different locations where we may not have access to a landline and we can’t wait to have the conversation, business is not going to slow down. And so, from our perspective, we have to adopt the technology to our modern lifestyle and take a platform that, going back to what we said just a few minutes ago, was designed to be mobile and easy to use and all these other things, and now make it secure, so it can be part of our modern lifestyle.

Lisa Padilla: And a closing question for you about your funding and about the R&D, EOB, investing in as you go forward, what would you tell companies or partners that were approaching you with next steps or expansion opportunities?

Elad Yoran: Well, we would certainly welcome all those conversations and I think there is ample information available on our web site. It’s http://www.koolspan.com and there is information there and certain links that are available for people to follow up with us. But we are looking to expand our presence in the market. One interesting thing that I think would be a conversation that we have been wanting to have quite often with software companies that are developing applications that run on computers. Every software company that has sold an application to run on people’s laptops is starting to think today about making those applications run on people’s cell phones. And frankly, everything that we do on a laptop today, we should be able to do on our cell phone. The question is “How do we do it securely?” So, if you are a software vendor and you are wrestling with that question, KoolSpan is part of the answer. We don’t know how to write your applications but we know how to make it operate securely on cell phones.

Lisa Padilla: All right, check out KoolSpan.com, I will wrap up with you now and thanks a lot for joining me. I know it’s a busy day as a conference today.

Elad Yoran: I really appreciate you are taking the time and letting me join you today.

Lisa Padilla: Well, we’ll post more information about this on Lisacast.com in the next day or so, and thanks for joining me, have a great day. Join us again next time. I think our next conversation is with Amazon Web Services. They have been scheduled for the end of this week. Thanks a lot for joining me, Elad.

Elad Yoran: You’re welcome. Take care.

Lisa Padilla: Have a good day.

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