Jeff Robbins, from Lullabot on Drupal (Podcast and Interview Transcription)

But yeah, there is lots of Drupal events. And then we do workshops and we’ve got our conference that we do. We’ll probably be doing that again this year. The DrupalCon is more of a developer-centric kind of an event, sort of inward focused and people get together and talk about how they can improve Drupal and how they can improve the modules. It’s general purpose, it’s a huge, huge event. But we do sort of a smaller, a little more externally focused kind of an event that you can find about at and actually the whole video archive is up there as well from that event. So, it’s a good learning resource for a little more sort of entry level and a little more focused on, Drupal’s technology just for building web sites is very, very abstract concept. And so, there is a lot of need for people who are building these web sites to understand just community building or the process of putting together a large scale web site like this and sort of who are the people that go into it, what is Information Architecture and Wireframing and how does that work and a lot of sort of general sort of web knowledge, but sort of presented in a Drupal specific kind of way. That’s the Do It With Drupal seminar.

Lisa Padilla: Well, that’s good. I wish you luck with those. And where can people buy the book using Drupal?

Jeff Robbins: Well, all of these things, I mentioned, you can find at, just click around, the book is on the homepage there, but is a good place to go and find out about all the things we are doing and you can listen to our podcasts and stuff like that.

(Informal talk)

Lisa Padilla: But first, Jeff Robbins from Lullabot, I want to thank you for joining me today.

Jeff Robbins: Well, thanks for having me so much.

Lisa Padilla: Have a great day.

Jeff Robbins: Take care.


10 Replies to “Jeff Robbins, from Lullabot on Drupal (Podcast and Interview Transcription)”

    1. Thank you, I like your site as well.

      Regarding Joomla: Yes, my company, sometimes uses Joomla for it’s clients. It’s well suited for many types of organizations, businesses, and other kinds.

  1. We’ve have done web design for 6 and have a few essential things for everyone. First, user must know what a site is about in seconds. This may be singing to the choir, but I can’t explain you how many websiets I come through with these simple issues. Oh and one other tip, If you use CAPTCHA make sure the letters are readable.

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