Hadoop There It Is!


What is Hadoop? It’s a relatively new open source data platform with what appears to me to be a new flush of energy (still 99:1 male to female ratio, which says to me that there is something new and nerdy about it).

CEOs and engineers and a few PR people, trailing like jet streams behind them are walking the yellow floor, reminiscent of the yellow brick road.This year, the show is covered by SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE, with a second studio and floor discussions intended as 1-to-1 interviews.


So what is the promise of open source data?

If you ask VMware, they will show you how to virtualize the Haddop platform.

If you ask the Open Knowledge Foundation, they will offer you a helpful Open Data Handbook.

If you ask Jessie Lichtenstein at Wired Magazine, they will warn that open data may “simply empower the empowered” and more aspects need to be taken into consideration.

If you ask the Open Data Center Alliance, lead by “a steering committee of senior IT executives from BMW, China Unicom, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Marriott International, Inc., National Australia Bank, Terremark, Disney Technology Solutions and Services, and UBS. Intel Corporation serves as the organization’s technical advisor.”

If you ask Hortonworks, who yesterday announced “enterprise-ready features built on the most stable Apache Hadoop distribution to date”, and also the sponsor of the Hadoop Summit 2012, they’ll make an argument just by showing you testimonials from customers in their partner programs.

If you ask Cloudera, a company who has been around since the clouds were just forming, they will give you their ideas about Hadoop, I found this helpful.

And, if you ask me, I’m pleased that there are multiple data storage platforms in the game. Competition sometimes relieves entropy, a characteristic ever-more frequent in the economy. Hadoop at first glance, looks flexible and current.

Which open data platforms compute in your mind?

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