What is it like to live in San Francisco while working at a tech company or startup?

Is it dangerous to live in SF and work for a tech company? http://qr.ae/nekW2

Answer by Lisa Padilla:

Yes, it's dangerous to live in San Francisco. It's horrible. There are startup office pitfalls to watch out for, like an ever-present keg of beer, ping pong table and soft chairs in which to relax and think. San Francisco is a diverse place to live, which is dangerous if you are afraid of becoming more open-minded and tolerant. Other perks of startups, fun offsites, garden rooftops, Friday beer meetups, exposure to other startups and people in the ecosystem. Then there is the dangerous draw of the beautiful city…the bridges, the food, art, music, plays and opera, ballet, the architecture, TransAmerica building, Coit Tower, Golden Gate Park, did I mention the food? (Disclaimer: I was born here.)

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