NamePlace, Marketplace for Municipal Naming Rights and Sponsorships

NamePlace’s new marketplace for municipal naming rights and sponsorships, above.

Yesterday, Tom Foremski wrote about NamePlace — our new marketplace that launched this week, aimed at helping municipalities bring in funds for the city by way of naming rights and sponsorships. From this year’s Quantcast Report “The State of Ad Viewability”:

“In 2012, 1.8 trillion display ads were paid for, but not seen.”

And it’s worse this year. As I mentioned and Tom highlighted in his article:

“Most customers are within a mile or so of their location, so why pay Google, thousands of miles away, or pay for expensive advertising billboards, when you can buy naming rights and be seen to be involved in your community, on a consistent and long-term basis. And the money goes to the city and not to billboard owners or Google shareholders.”

The variety of sponsorship types, primarily offline, is something we help cities, initially and parks and rec departments realize. Some of the obvious long tail opportunities are baseball diamonds, soccer fields and swim centers, these type of community opportunities attract families in a very positive social environment. Many businesses want to be involved in corporate social responsibility programs but don’t know how to proceed. So we also selectively bundle sponsorship opportunities into larger campaigns, driven by timing, region or other relationships, creating attractive and easy ways for advertisers to buy.

You’ll be hearing more about NamePlace in the upcoming weeks and months. Our beta is live and we are bringing cities online as we speak. If your city or organization would like to get involved, please visit and leave your contact information or contact me directly lisa at nameplace dot com.

Advertisers can also contact us at sales at nameplace dot com.

Welcome to town, NamePlace.


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