Robert Scoble interviews Lisa Padilla about NamePlace

If you’d like to learn more about NamePlace, you can watch this informative video with Robert Scoble.

We now have over 80 cities on board with millions of dollars in sponsorship inventory. This includes everything from playgrounds to baseball and skate parks, from city festivals and other events to community programs for low income children or road safety. Our sponsorships also help install safe lighting in neighborhoods that need themcould use some extra help (like, all of them.) Sponsorships and naming rights alike, are available on NamePlace. Naming rights begin at a duration of 5-years and some opportunities, like a city bridge (shown below) in New Orleans will hold a name for the life of the asset, aka forever. Naming rights might be for a corporate sponsor, a famous Jazz musician, a sports hall of famer or other individual. NamePlace aims to help communities by improving the places, programs and events we all love.

City Park Bridge New Orleans

Let me know if you’d like more information:

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