About Lisa

About Lisa Padilla

Lisa Padilla, host of LisacastLisacast has been following influencers in Silicon Valley (and other technology capitals) for over a decade.  Your host, Lisa Padilla, talks to guests from all over the world on my media and technology talk show, “Lisacast”. Whether blogger, emerging technology leader, or citizen journalist with a great story, Lisa explores the corners of the world where some very interesting things are happening in digital marketing and communications.

Consultant/Speaker/Videographer/Radio Host/Entrepreneur/Marketer

I am the host and blogger behind Lisacast. At 9 years old, I solicited a local radio station with Girl Scout cookies. The station manager had the heart to put me on the air and let me say hello to the world. Everyone from miles away could hear me and it was the first time I understood the potential of mass communication.

Today, there are so many more ways to communicate, technology has exploded into the hands of billions. I live in Silicon Valley near my hometown of San Francisco, my career has been advertising and marketing global projects. Today, I host Lisacast to quell my fevered curiosity about media, citizen journalism, everything online and how software and devices are changing the world, the whole world. Right now, Lisacast is planning the launch of a new network related to those topics, bringing people together from around the world. Communicate.io, a marketing consultancy I run, offers HD A/V production for projects around the world. My latest labor of love is Grabbit, real-time, cross-platform software presently in development. Read more here.

It is my personal goal to better understand our world and teach others the same. Technology poses a great opportunity to do just that. You can read about past project work below or find me any number of places online. There are a couple of other details here: about.me/lisapadilla. I’m for hire too.

Where To Find Me

More than 10 years ago I founded a Silicon Valley-based digital marketing consultancy, which serves companies worldwide –> Visit or contact

I write a blog about technology –> Read or subscribe

Grabbit is current, personal project seeking partners and customers lisa@grabbt.net

I write a blog about culture –> Read or subscribe

I have a live, streaming radio show –> Listen or subscribe

Right now, you’re reading the blog that goes with the show –> Lisacast.com

I love to take pictures, click, click, click –> for work, travel and such

You can also follow me on Twitter or add me on Facebook and LinkedIn. lisa@communicate.io


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  2. And just when I thought I had Myspace down ok. I haven’t the foggiest idea what to do here yet but I am certainly intrigued. I will try to listen to some shows and get better acquianted.

    1. We’ve all been at the beginning of the learning curve. People are generally helpful if you get stuck, just ask a question. The web is a wonderful community of helpers and help content.

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