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Lisa Padilla, host of LisacastAbout Lisa Padilla

Lisa Padilla has been helping businesses reach customers and partners with effective marketing campaigns for more than 20 years. She has led product launches and corporate marketing for companies in the technology, financial services, entertainment, travel, sports, news, gaming, and other industries. For example, in her pivotal role at AOL/Netscape, she planned and oversaw the implementation of sponsorship and advertising across channels, AIM, and the client browser. After managing Netscape’s search page, she planned and executed content integration for news, business, sports, and more.

After running client services and production for San Francisco’s Euro RSCG, overseeing 29 clients, Padilla served as associate director at Ourmedia.org, an open source media network and traveled extensively to speak about marketing, new media, and journalism. She is known for covering Silicon Valley, technology, citizen reporting, and traditional journalism in the United States and abroad. She is also the creator and host of Lisacast, a popular tech industry podcast with more than 25,000 listener, and cofounder of Grabbit, a social publishing and commerce startup. In addition, she writes and produces independent articles and shows for multiple media outlets, such as WEBLOGTHEWORLD.COM.

Padilla’s expertise spans speaking, lecturing, channel marketing, branding, new media, Web 2.0, business optimization, CRM, advertising, content management, API distribution, consumer marketing, broadcast media, PR, demand generation, and subscription services.

What others are saying about Lisacast:

“You set a great example of social consciousness and global sensitivity.”

Tomie Toyohara
OhMyNews International, Japan

“We teach people to use the media to try and get Israelis, Palestinians, Iranians a little bit closer.”

Dr. Noam Lemelschtrict-Latar
Sammy Ofer School of Communication, Tel Aviv, Israel

“It ^%$#@! me off when people don’t have the right information!”

Sean Wise
seanwise.com, Toronto, Canada

“…very easily arranged by calling in to a local number and broadcast live over the Internet. New technology creates many wonderful opportunities!”

Thomas Frostberg
Journalist, SF Chronicle

“Thanks for having me.”

Emily Morse
sexwithemily.com, San Francisco, CA

“There should be more Lisa Padillas in the world.”

Njei Moses
Citizen journalist, Cameroon, Africa

15 Replies to “About Lisacast”

  1. Let’s connect on Linkein. It seems like we should meet.



  2. While this matter can be very tough for most people, my thought is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find. I do treasure that you’ve added relevant and rational commentary here though. Very much thanks to you!

  3. Looking forward to your first show on BTR!! Maybe you can interview me on one of your shows? :)


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