Lisa Padilla is the CEO of NewPath, a digital therapeutics company, and a virtual reality artist. She is a long-time marketer and advertising professional and has worked in the social good, healthcare, and technology industries. Padilla is an artist who enjoys working most in multimedia and virtual reality. She has collaborated with other artists in these mediums, including Steve DiPaola, a famed computer artist and cultural phenomenon Rene Yañez. Her Tilt Brush portraits of colorful animals people such as Andy Warhol, Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Curry, Peter Dinklage, Stephen Colbert, and Ellen DeGeneres have been featured in books and art shows, including the 2018 Journal for Contemporary Painting comparing the medium of virtual painting to that of traditional mediums, and shown at the Nasty Women UK Art Exhibit in London, the Big City Nights Art and VR show in NYC, and the Bern Art and VR Show in Switzerland. You may also find her work featured in the October 2018 issue of Average Art Magazine.