Starbucks Unresponsive


Starbucks didn’t complete a remodel in time and decided to open anyway on Monday September 30th, exposing customers to noxious gases, making several people sick and then ignored my support requests.

I was initially pleased to read that the company’s CEO, Kevin Johnson, was very responsive and replied to customer service problems, personally even. BUT then quickly disappointed, as tweet after email, after another email etc. were ignored. A week later, nothing back from him, or the District Manager who they promised would call me within 24 hours, after a health concern, does that seem right? Not to me.

One time, I was staying at a hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii with my two-year-old daughter. We checked in and we were quickly getting ready to go to the beach. I put her bathing suit on and was in the bathroom for just 1 minute to put mine on and I heard a *thunk*. She had been jumping from one bed to the other and didn’t clear the distance and hit her forehead on the baseboard of the other bed instead of landing on the top. She split it about an inch and a half and that blood, ooh it was starting to run. She hadn’t started crying yet, so I said “Oops, boo boo, you win an orange juice from the lobby!” She smiled.

In the elevator, people looked at us in horror and their faces turned pale as blood streamed down her sweet little face and I pretended nothing was happening, talking with her about bringing her OJ to the beach. I took her to the front desk and told them what happened. They said they would go and get the supervisor right away. I said “May we also have an orange juice and a small towel?” People at the reservation desk stared at us with wide eyes. “I told her to listen,” I said. I hate being stared at.

When the manager came out, he brought a fancy drink glass with orange juice and a slice of pineapple and a cherry on top with a colored straw and an adorable umbrella. My daughter’s eyes, looking now like she’d been in a Quentin Tarantino film from rubbing the blood that was dripping down into them, smiled a creepy but happy smile. Then he followed us back up to the room to take a report of everything that had happened, apologized, gave us as many movies as we wanted to watch during our stay (hello she was 2, this was a godsend) and never made me feel irresponsible in the first place for my moment missing her gymnastic act. Ultimately, it had been my fault. Still, they were wonderful.

Where is absentee CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson? Are there so many more pressing terrible things happening to other customers that he can’t get to me, am I THAT far down the line? It wasn’t my fault or anyone who was in Starbucks that day that they had to breathe that air. A lot of people left who were in line. I wish I would have.

Chances are I might make it back to Hawaii before I’m in line again.