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A quick pitch for Joomla versus Drupal

The (Joomla versus Drupal) scaling issue is mostly about hosting the content of the site and making requests for information to a server (hopefully in the cloud, where all of our heads should be by now). That server however, could reside underneath your friend Neal’s desk somewhere, but with a cloud partner like Amazon you have technical support, tiered expansion and costs and let’s face it, Neal sleeps.”

Jeff Robbins, from Lullabot on Drupal (Podcast and Interview Transcription)

Recorded during an earlier interview.
Drupal is often referred to as a content management system but it’s also a web framework. It’s basically a PHP web application framework in the same way that Rails is a web application framework for Ruby, Drupal is a web application framework for PHP. But it’s really focused on CMS that’s built on top of it but it’s really, really flexible. And so there are all these modules out there that can add, basically sort of fundamentally change the way that Drupal works.