BlogTalkRadio is now easier to use

Check out the new BlogTalkRadio web site, maybe start your own show. In the meantime, checkout previous Lisacast shows here on I have a show coming up today with the FlyLady, you won’t want to miss it. Call-in at 1 (646) 478-4956 to speak your mind about “energy efficiency.” The show airs today from 12 – 1 pm PST.

Energy Efficiency

My next show is on energy efficiency. Joining me are entrepreneurs and world-travelers Stephen and Lynda Kane from the UK, Brighton specifically. Stephen and Lynda are wonderful, energetic people, spreading … Continue reading Energy Efficiency

Socializing on connections

Liad Agmon built and sold a company to raise money for the production of a film. that film was a huge success! Listen to this interview on Lisacast with Liad Agmon, CEO of Delver is social search. try it and you’ll understand.

Heartbreak to hero

It can be said that Alan Levy is a good business man, a direct and effective negotiator. He retooled existing, large telephony infrastructure technology into a free, light-weight web service … Continue reading Heartbreak to hero