Socializing on connections

Liad Agmon built and sold a company to raise money for the production of a film. that film was a huge success! Listen to this interview on Lisacast with Liad Agmon, CEO of Delver is social search. try it and you’ll understand.

Heartbreak to hero

It can be said that Alan Levy is a good business man, a direct and effective negotiator. He retooled existing, large telephony infrastructure technology into a free, light-weight web service … Continue reading Heartbreak to hero

Voting on political news

Join me at 5:30 pm PT today for a live discussion with founder of Skewz, a community of political articles posted by users like you and I. In this community, … Continue reading Voting on political news’s CEO to talk about unwanted junk mail

We’re talking about the old school junk mail, the large atom-based material (wait, I guess it all is) that comes to your door step, not the electronic kind. That’s another … Continue reading’s CEO to talk about unwanted junk mail

Voxant’s new CEO

There is a storm of new media sites and Voxant is holding its own. Some serious work has gone into the process of playlists, high-quality content and virality. Last month … Continue reading Voxant’s new CEO