Elad Yoran, KoolSpan (Podcast and Interview Transcript)

Recorded and an earlier interview.

Elad Yoran, Executive Chairman of KoolSpan, joins Lisacast to discuss TrustChip technology and recent financing of $7.1 million (What? I thought there was a recession!.) KoolSpan’s crypto engine is a self-contained authentication, encryption and key management platform. That’s right, I said ‘crypto engine’.

Dr. Zhong Lin Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology (Podcast and Interview Transcript)

Recorded from an earlier interview. Select, related slides are Slides from Georgia Institute of Technology. BlogTalkRadio Lisa Padilla: Good morning. It’s 08:32 AM Pacific Time on Friday, narrowly escaping Friday … Continue reading Dr. Zhong Lin Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology (Podcast and Interview Transcript)

Danny Glover, AirCongress (Podcast and Interview Transcript)

…one of the challenges of all the bloggers and all of their followers including you know new media and more you know creative ways of telling stories and that kind of thing. As more and more of that comes there is also a greater risk for inaccurate materials and inadvertent direction of readers if people talking an information. Now do you think AirCongress and other companies are that are other organizations that are collecting news online doing a good job at trying to help people be better reporter?

Micro-spamming backlash

Twitter is an addictive technology. The number of adapted applications is phenomenal, these allow you take twitter and post media along with your 140 characters, aggregate groups and take twitter on-the-go. Social media has already been infested with spam. People still handle it differently.