BlogTalkRadio is now easier to use

Check out the new BlogTalkRadio web site, maybe start your own show. In the meantime, checkout previous Lisacast shows here on I have a show coming up today with the FlyLady, you won’t want to miss it. Call-in at 1 (646) 478-4956 to speak your mind about “energy efficiency.” The show airs today from 12 – 1 pm PST.

Energy Efficiency

My next show is on energy efficiency. Joining me are entrepreneurs and world-travelers Stephen and Lynda Kane from the UK, Brighton specifically. Stephen and Lynda are wonderful, energetic people, spreading … Continue reading Energy Efficiency

Socializing on connections

Liad Agmon built and sold a company to raise money for the production of a film. that film was a huge success! Listen to this interview on Lisacast with Liad Agmon, CEO of Delver is social search. try it and you’ll understand.