Save Face, careful what you fan

This afternoon I received a message from a Facebook friend (not a ‘real’ friend, I’ve never met this person.) It was an invite to become a fan of a Facebook page for Target (or a Target affiliate.) I’m not against fanning, but some fan pages on Facebook are misleading and in fact, can quickly and easily damage your reputation with the social network you’ve built up.

Here is the invite, it sounds pretty good, right?

This is the invte I received from a friend on Facebook

The invite generated by Facebook.

Of course it does. I can’t leave Target without spending over $80.00, so this would come in handy for me. I am the target demographic. Mother, with little time need an all-in-one stop, bargain shopping consumer. So far, so good. Clicking through, with faith, I see deeper.

Most fan pages are a simple click, but this has a "Step 1"

Step 1 is shown...

I am trusting. Too trusting. I click the button that says “Become a Fan”, thinking already about how I will be spending the $500.00. Then, ….the gotcha!

I am now a fan, without $500

They made me a fan, and gave me nothing in return

Now the stipulation is revealed. “IMPORTANT: If you do not invite all of your friends you may not be eligible.”  With several hundred friends (I respect) on Facebook, I would be weary of sending them this invite. How horrible to have them feel the same feeling I just did, and associate that feeling with my name, my company, my brand, my product and so on. Clicking Step 1 made me a fan, so I will have to go unfan the page now.

Careful what you click. As far as I’m concerned, whoever started that Fan page owes me $80.00 for my help in pointing out poor business practices surrounding them.

Careful what you click.