The stuff inside a computer to make programs happen on your computer or mobile device (the “clam”, see the “shell”).

Voting on political news

Join me at 5:30 pm PT today for a live discussion with founder of Skewz, a community of political articles posted by users like you and I. In this community, … Continue reading Voting on political news’s CEO to talk about unwanted junk mail

We’re talking about the old school junk mail, the large atom-based material (wait, I guess it all is) that comes to your door step, not the electronic kind. That’s another … Continue reading’s CEO to talk about unwanted junk mail

Videopinions from ExpoTV

Thanks to Daphne Kwon, infomercials and reviews have become personal. That is to say, that the person who lives next door to you might have useful information about a product … Continue reading Videopinions from ExpoTV