Daphne Kwon, ExpoTV (Podcast and Interview Transcript)

Recorded from an earlier interview.

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Lisa Padilla: Hey good evening, it’s Lisa Padilla. I am Lisacast and I am back on BlogTalkRadio after a couple of weeks without doing a show truly; this is good news. With me today is Daphne Kwon who is the CEO and the co-founder of ExpoTV, and in a minute I will introduce her and we can get to a discussion with her. She is at the Dow Jones VentureWire Consumer Technology Conference today and I am sure she is going to tell us a little bit about that too; maybe she is doing some interesting things there. I have myself been to that conference and found it fascinating, interesting mix of technology companies and leading companies and large entertainment companies and all in all a pretty high caliber group of attendees and speakers and press and whatnot. Daphne has some experience in TV herself.

(Informal Talk)

Lisa Padilla: While I am doing that, I will tell you a little bit about her background. She was Chief Financial Officer of Oxygen Media which is very interesting in that she has done a lot of work with mergers and acquisitions and I think that combination of business experience as well as television industry experience is very interesting. Okay now I have got her back here. Daphne, are you with me?

Daphne Kwon: Yeah I can hear you.

Lisa Padilla: Great. Well thank you and welcome to BlogTalkRadio, we are excited to get to talk to you once more.

Daphne Kwon: Yeah it’s great to be here and currently I am so important that you pulled yourself out of a few weeks hiding just to come talk to me. So thanks for doing that.

Lisa Padilla: I did. You got me excited again about talking to people. We have been working so hard on our own site here, we launched a new homepage today also BlogTalkRadio has a couple of exciting announcements coming next week, and so I am ready to get talking again. You know let’s build and then talk about it. So tell me, your background Daphne nicely supports the work I am talking about that you have done with Oxygen Media and Disney and as you might want to tell I guess a little bit about ExpoTV. But then I would like to jump into sort of what you found most useful about your experience before this as applies to running ExpoTV which is a great site, I love your site.

Daphne Kwon: Thank you so much, thanks for saying that and congratulations on your own product development, I think that’s fantastic you are one of the entrepreneurs. I think that, and I appreciate your question actually about my background because it’s something that Expo is actually very proud of, are the type of people that we attracted to our company. Generally you know thumbnail of what we do is it’s a YouTube crossed with consumer reports. So basically we are very purpose driven on product information and what we say is we are dedicated to illuminating consumer experiences. So we have about 200,000 product video upload reviews that have been uploaded to us. So there are these 1 to 3 minute clips of people everyday Joes who are uploading video testimonials about products that they own and it can be positive or negative. And they are very authentic, very sincere because you have to show your face you know you create a profile page, you have to show the product, you have to demonstrate it. And these are products that these people spend money on so they have a very different prospective than an expert like a Di Fino and all of those perspectives they are really valid however we think someone who spent the money on it also has a really valid perspective.

Lisa Padilla: Right. Taking the time, has been inside the instruction booklet, went through the whole process of setting it up or testing it or what have you, right?

Daphne Kwon: And also saw how it sat on their kitchen counter you know that it was too big or that the keeper board was too little and their baby didn’t like that because the strap was in its way. And so there is lots of things that I think an expert misses because they are not using it on a day-to-day basis, they can only guess how someone might use it but they are not using it themselves and that’s a whole level that I think is only complementary to the experts that we go to for their advice as well. [Full articles]

Socializing on connections

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One entrpreneuer’s to do list

  1. Serve in the electronics R & D lab for the military
  2. Study computers, film and TV at the university
  3. Build a start-up and sell it to McAfee in order to:
  4. Fund Israel’s highest grossing film in the last quarter century
  5. Move to San Francisco

Following your passion

Liad Agmon, co-founder and CEO of Delver, has 15 years of experience in the communication and security industries.  He holds a BA (cum laude) in Computer Sciences from Tel-Aviv University, and is a member of Israel’s Broadcasting Authority Internet Committee.  But that’s not why he ended up in the tech industry. He did it to raise money for another passion, film. See, Liad also studied film & television there in Tel-Aviv. This is Liad’s blog, by the way:

Liad Agmon's blog

Liad  was the assistant director at Israel’s top grossing film in the last 25 years – a French-Israeli co-production called “Turn Left at the End of the World”. He also produced and directed the DVD featurette “The Troupe – 25 years later” and he wrote for some of Israel’s top stand comedians. This impressed me, he says to himself: I need money for a film. Ok well I’ll just build and sell a company.

I mean here’s an interesting, creative kid. And it takes someone like that to create cutting edge software. It was Liad’s passion, his personal passion, that drove the creation of Delver.

Personal passions connect us socially too. In his interview on Lisacast, Liad talks about friendship coefficients and why he thinks the world could be ripe for social search.

[Social search] can happen only at a certain point when the market has matured and there is enough social content out there that you can index.

— Liad Agmon

What’s Delver look like?

Check it out yourself and click to listen to the interview, recorded and rebroadcast live on BlogTalkRadio > Lisacast with guest Liad Agmon on Social Search

Heartbreak to hero

It can be said that Alan Levy is a good business man, a direct and effective negotiator. He retooled existing, large telephony infrastructure technology into a free, light-weight web service anyone with a phone can figure out. He makes money on both premium services and advertising, as well as backend US numbers procured by the phone company he also owns. But the service, again, is free. And long distance is included with virtually every phone service these days.

Steve Garfield who also has a great Flickr stream

I said “hero”, because we’ll all see heartbreak at some point, but few of us create a mechanism by which anyone can communicate, build community, share, connect with friends, family, paranormal psychologists, authors who write about paranormal psychologists, actors who play them on TV and activists concerned for the pet portrayals played therein. Smart businesses will take the technology, like Dave Winer did and build cool sub-services. They can use these privately like recorded conference calls, or on the fly via cell-phone only from the ballpark or town hall meeting. Podcast on-the-go.

While I don’t work for the company now, I still love them and I respect what Alan did, coming back and building this for the world. He didn’t need the money. He needed to give back and he did that for thousands of people. Listen to the discussion with Alan.